Dreams Really Do Come True

It’s official!  We’re going!  We got plane tickets last month, and secured accomodations last night!

“What are you doing?” you ask.  “Where are you going?”

Well, only the best thing ever!

We’re going to fulfill a dream I’ve had since I was a little kid.  We’re going to Pasadena over the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to decorate a Rose Parade Float!

When I was very little, my parents, my two older sisters and I lived in the foothills of LA, in a little town called Duarte. My grandparents lived just across the street, and my aunt, uncle and three cousins lived a few miles away in Pasadena, walking distance from Colorado Boulevard.

Even so – in all my 55 years, I have never seen the Rose Parade in person.

Well, I decided last year, after watching the parade on TV, that I was going to change that!

I started following the Tournament of Roses (Rose Parade) on Facebook, watching for some clue that they were recruiting volunteers.  Days came and went and I wasn’t seeing anything.  I did however see the notice that the Rose Parade Board had approved the theme for 2014… “Dreams Come True.”  There couldn’t have been a clearer sign that I’d picked the right time to chase this dream.

I finally posted a question on their Facebook page as to how one could get on a crew that decorated the floats.  Within a couple of days I’d heard back from three people, one of whom suggested I contact one of the float decorating companies (who knew that was even a thing?!), and gave me the email address of one of the volunteer coordinators.

I sent an impassioned email right away, detailing all of my previous float/parade experience (yes, I actually do have quite a bit of experience), and I heard back almost right away, that while my request was a little early… January 15th… that they would be happy to have Downtown Dave and me be a part of one of their volunteer crews. She added that she had even picked the float we would decorate.

The Dole entry – “Sunrise at the Oasis”


Sort of an Alladin-esque affair I imagine, with camels, and tigers and elephants, maybe even some fancy-ass waterfalls!

More info to follow, nearer the end of December, including a day-by-day account of what it’s like to be a Rose Parade Float Decorating Volunteer!

Thanks for visiting!

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