Hi there! I’m Linda Thomas-Anderson, also known as Lala and I’d like to welcome you to Lala Land

…. tra lala lalala la la la….

No, not Munchkinland… Lala Land.  Although there may be some similarities…

I live in a place some would hesitate to call home. The North Dakota Minnesota border is vast and in the winter there is a definite absence of color.  By contrast, Lala Land is stunningly gorgeous and fantastical. It is peopled with strange folk, and adventures galore. Most of its inhabitants are wise, courageous, have large hearts and know the importance of realizing the significance of one’s roots and home.

Here you can read:

  • A blog about life, writing, genealogy, getting things done, happiness and stuff.
  • Unique human-interest stories you can share that will make you a hit at dinner parties.
  • Heartwarming profiles of small town eccentricities and local sages that will warm the cockles of your heart.
  • Stories about serendipities & coincidences that turn out in my favor which likely qualify me for my own TV show.
  • An occasional commentary/rant that just may provide you the insight you need to understand today’s issues.
  • Colorful travelogues to quirky but interesting places (ie graveyards, ghost towns and battlefields).
  • Recipes for scrumptious dishes with absolutely no calories at all!

In real life, I am married to Downtown Dad, together we have three grown children, two sons and a daughter, all in various stages of leaving the nest. I work as an Admin Assistant for an Alternative Medial Practice, as well as attending college part time.


Thanks for visiting!