Let’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started


Day 2 of my 30 day Brainsparker Creativity Kickstart. Overcoming blocks.

Thinking today about what holds me back from writing. My first answer would have to be time. I never think I have enough time. As I said in the Day 1 post, I always put off writing until I’m done with all other things. Yes, it feels good to cross things off my list, and to head into the week with a clean slate – but I bet it would feel better if I had some writing under my belt.

My second answer would be that I sometimes don’t even know what to write about. I think that relates back to the time answer because I have a whole list of things I want to write about. I just don’t give myself time to think deeply enough about any one of them because I’m too busy thinking about other things, or crossing other things off my list.

I think the solution to overcoming these blocks (or the one REAL block) is to change my belief, or change the way I think about writing. FOCUS. This 30 day practice will help bring awareness to trying to fit in some writing every day. So the one thing I can do today is get started on making a list of three things I’d like to spend some time writing.

The Poets and Writers e-newsletter gives three prompts for the coming week and I’ve decided to make time to focus on one or more of those for my daily writing practice this week.

The three prompts for this week are”

  • Write a poem in twelve parts that tries to capture each month’s abstract feeling in a single line or stanza, OR
  • Pick a supporting character from a novel, film, or short piece, and rewrite a story from his or her point of view, OR
  • Write an essay that investigates your phobia–not its subject, but the fear itself–across history, culture, and science.

Each of those sounds super interesting! I’m inspired now!!! If only I had the time…


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  • Posted January 5, 2016 10:07 am 0Likes
    by Smalltown Me

    Getting started! That might be even harder than finishing!

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