A scattered being…

A scattered being…

Yes, I’ve already missed a day. Get over it. This is a post that I’m just writing for that aformentioned reason that I just want to get the back story down… There is absolutely no point to this at all.

On Sundays, I like to stay in bed, reading the newspaper, sipping nummy coffee and watching the CBS morning show. I want that cocoon-y feeling to last all day. Alas, I’m a Realtor and Sundays are our busiest day, and this Sunday was just that.

I knew I was going to show one client three houses that her husband had already seen. This was to be a cursory second showing just to make sure they were both on the same page. I forgot that not only are this couple not on the same page ever…. they are really not even reading the same book! So, what I thought would be 45 minutes turned into an hour and a half. This started to crush into the time I had set aside for my next showings of three houses to a young couple just starting their home search… but not seriously – that is until my ex-husband, the father of my oldest and most perplexing child Beezer called. A call from your ex, no matter how even keeled your relationship has become, can be stressful. Add to that, the fact that he’s calling because your mutual son hasn’t returned any of his calls… since MAY!

I’ve always tried to keep the whole split family thing to a minimum. I apply heavily the old addage ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’ Which does work, most of the time. I’m fairly pleased with the outcome of our 45 minute conversation, after which I called the call-delinquent son. “Please call your dad” I begged. “OK, but I’m just going into a meeting.” he said, none too convincingly. I cajoled, he demurred, I repeated, he begged off. So, 4 hours later, I have no idea where things stand.

Like I said, there’s no point whatsoever to this post.

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