A Little About Us

Hi there! We’re Dave and Linda Thomas-Anderson. Dave is sometimes known as Downtown Dad, and Linda is also known as Lala (hence the name of the blog) and together, we welcome you to Lala Land…

…. tra lala lalala la la la….

No, not Munchkinland… Lala Land.  Although, come to think of it, there may be some similarities…

Some might hesitate to call the area we live in, “home” since The North Dakota Minnesota border is vast, and in the winter there is a definite absence of color.  By contrast, Lala Land is stunningly gorgeous and fantastical. It is peopled with strange folk, and adventures galore. Most of its inhabitants are wise, courageous, have large hearts, and know the significance of one’s roots and home.

Here you can read:

  • A blog about life, writing, food, wine, travel, genealogy, some politics, happiness and other shenanigans.
  • Unique human-interest stories you can share that will make you a hit at dinner parties.
  • Heartwarming profiles of small town eccentricities and local sages that will warm the cockles of your heart.
  • Stories about serendipities & coincidences that always turn out in our favor; and which likely qualifies us for our own sitcom.
  • An occasional commentary/rant that just may provide you the insight you need to understand today’s issues.
  • Colorful travelogues to quirky but interesting places (ie graveyards, ghost towns and battlefields).
  • Recipes for scrumptious dishes with absolutely no calories at all!

In real life, we live with our Boss, Gus the cat, and have three grown children, two sons and a daughter, all in various stages of leaving the nest. Linda works as a senior administrative assistant in the accounting department of a large regional non-profit healthcare organization, and Dave is in various stages of retirement.

About the Blog

How We Got Started

Here is some background info on the “stars” of this soap opera / sitcom Reality Show.

Downtown Dad (AKA Downtown Dave, or just Dave) We are head over heels, some would say annoyingly, in love with each other after 35 years of marriage. We live in a lovely house in an impossibly nice town, in the upper midwestern frozen tundra plains. We do not hunt moose. We have three great kids, our kitty GusGus, and a pool. Downtown Dad, in addition to being the world’s best husband and father, is a politician, lobbyist, promoter, historian, and genealogist, with a dubious gift of gab. That man will talk to anyone… really, ANYone. He works… well… he works Downtown.
Bobby (AKA Robert, Beez, Bee Bop) He is a procrastinating photographer. He rents a house a few miles away and works for a regional healthcare facility.
Kelsie (AKA Tessie Wee, Kels) She is an artist in every sense of the word, drawing, painting, sculpting, all seemingly effortlessly.
Jarrod (AKA JearBear) He taught himself to play guitar He is very much like Downtown Dad in his love of history, and politics, and that whole gift of gab thing.
GusGus (AKA Agustus, Gustopher, KittyKat)
Lala (AKA Linda, Mom, Hey you.) Me? I possess neither the gift of gab, nor the artistic talents so abundant in the other members of my family. I can throw together a wicked sentence or two though, and that to me is much more practical than all that singing and drawing stuff. And, well, somebody’s got to write the Christmas Letter!