And Now, All Will Be Right With The World Again

And Now, All Will Be Right With The World Again

Obama chose Joe Biden for his running mate!! Woo Hoo! How perfect is that?!?!

I know, I said I was closing the book on this blog, and I will, but today’s news just made me feel so safe, and secure, and optimistic and happy for the world! I haven’t felt this happy about something political since 1976 when I voted for Jimmy Carter for no reason other than just to piss off my republican dad. With that in mind, I just had to tell you all a little story.

I don’t talk politics. I don’t even try because I don’t know enough to keep up my end of the conversation. That doesn’t mean however that I don’t have opinions. I just choose to keep them to myself, or at least pump my fist in the air and agree wholeheartedly with anything Jon Stewart says… or with anything Downtown Dad predicts…

A long time ago, in a city far far away from here… (OK, Seattle, 1987ish) Downtown Dad and I had just started dating. An article in a newspaper laying on my desk caught his eye. It was about then Senate Judiciary Chairman Biden, and the contention between he and Robert Bork in Bork’s confirmation hearings. Not knowing either of them from Adam, I had doodled on the pictures of the two men, giving Bork an Underwood Deviled Ham makeover, and then drawing a halo and wings on Biden. Downtown Dad noted this and asked some well-informed and politically astute open-ended question. Most likely to draw me into a discussion on the pros and cons of whether antitrust laws should focus on maximizing consumer welfare, or something equally as mystifying (Like I said, we had just STARTED dating). Anyway, the thing that has always charmed me about Downtown Dad is that he can take something you know nothing about, and really DON’T WANT to know anything about, and start talking to you about it, and pretty soon you’re participating in that conversation about it, and you realize you just learned a whole shitload about it, and didn’t ever feel stupid along the way. And not only that… sometimes, if you’re listening, he’ll make a prediction…. yeah, a prediction. Like he did that day in 1987. He said something about the fact that I had polarized the two men with my drawings, but that was absolutely untrue of Joe Biden. He said that Joe Biden’s views, coupled with the way he was able to communicate actually had the power to bring people together. He didn’t think Biden would win his bid for the presidency that coming year, didn’t think his time had come…. yet….but someday, someday…

And then…. fast forward to 1988, the Democratic Presidential Convention is on TV and this boyish looking governor of Arkansas, named Clinton had just given the looooooongest, if not most interesting speech I had ever listened to. (I was learning to actually listen to them now). Downtown Dad had leaped off of the couch and was in the middle of a victory dance similar to what some men do after a fourth quarter, 43 yard touchdown pass, when he stopped and struck a pose, index finger in the air, hand to heart, and said: “Someday that man will be president.”

I just wish there was a way to capitalize on that talent! He’s probably not psychic, I tend to think that he’s just VERY well informed! I wouldn’t go to him for advice at the horsetrack, and we don’t own stock, but I’ve learned that when it comes to anything that has to do with governance, or constitutional law, I’ll put my money on just about whatever Downtown Dad says. Oh, but here’s a little tip for you just in case ….. Downtown Dad says: Invest in your local Downtown!


  • Posted August 23, 2008 5:04 pm 0Likes
    by Mike Golch

    Let's see who throw the most mud.Me thinks it will be the reps and or their benifactors.

  • Posted August 24, 2008 1:09 pm 0Likes
    by Anonymous

    We will miss your heart-felt comments Linda. And you know what. Of all the parents who couldn't go to Scotland you and DD are the ones we missed the most!

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