And Now We Wait

And Now We Wait

I’m not sure who was more nervous, me or Tessie for her audition on Friday evening. Downtown Dad brought her since I was on audition monitor duty, and she didn’t look as hyped up as I though she would be. She’d falled asleep and he had to wake her up just before they came to the theatre. She said she was confident and went in, head held high – Roger D acted as her monitor. I couldn’t help myself, I listened at the door. She started with the monologue which sounded great, then went on to her song. It wasn’t as loud as I’d thought she’d do it, and somehow, she missed a stanza, but recovered and hit the last note really well. Then I left when it was time for the dance portion. Apparently she couldn’t get the CD we’d burned to work. They even tried a different player, but no go. I wondered what was taking so long and got worried, but, she came out all smiles, she made both vocal and dance callbacks! Woo Hoo! It helps that the directors have seen her in other productions.

Both dance and vocal callbacks were Saturday. Dance was first, with both boys and girls and when I came to pick them up afterwards they both knew they had done really well. The boys’ vocal callbacks were at 3:30 and Bearly made it into the last group of 5 or 6 singing for the part of the Lion. He is pretty excited because he thinks he did pretty well. He has the body shape and the voice for that part, much more so than the others that were in that final round. Girls’ vocal callbacks were at 4:30. Tessie made it into the second to last group of girls, but not into the last group who sang for the Addaperle part. She was bummed, but it’s only one part. She tends to be perky cute, in a hiphop kind of way. That may have worked against her for this part – plus, she may have choked under the pressure, as I said, she’s good, she just doesn’t test well. The cast list will be posted by 2:00 tomorrow… so now we wait….

The kids’ school has a dance after Prom called Morp, which is just the opposite of Prom. They have a theme every year and dress up for that theme. This year the theme was R. Bearly borrowed a king costume from a friend and went as Royalty. Tessie and Alicia went as Ravers – I’m not sure what that is, but it involves glow sticks.

Since the weather was finally nice, we spent today doing more dewinterization of the yard, along with the long neglected housework. Dave made some salmon on the grill for dinner, and now I think we will have a nice relaxing evening doing nothing… well, almost nothing.

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  • Posted May 20, 2008 10:58 am 0Likes
    by Joy T.

    Wow. Sounds exciting and nerveracking all at the same time!!

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