Another Day

Another Day

OK, here’s me… call me weird, but I’m seeing an improvement. This picture is considerably less painful than the others. I’m going to catch up all the haps tomorrow. The events are growing and I fear I will fall behind and never be able to remember all the sordid details which are really the best parts! Stay tuned for more on:

  • Clients sent to rehab days before closing on a house
  • Egotistical client offers low on a new construction home and is not laughed out of the deal!
  • Home is lovingly rehabbed and then languishes on the market
  • Pity party thrown
  • Disney’s Electrical Parade soundtrack found to be cure for depression
  • Tessie and Bear try out for Middle School play – OH! The Drama!
  • A Thirty Year Reunion is planned – A rebellion is afoot!
  • Supplemental employment – reality or realty?
  • Landlord or Slumlord
  • Doggy doors – replace the carpet or replace the door?
  • Freelance Newsletters – my key to solvency?

Well, for some reason my network won’t let me upload the picture, perhaps a blessing.

**update** Network allowed upload


  • Posted November 19, 2005 6:58 pm 0Likes
    by Anonymous

    A REBELLION IS AFOOT! Talked to Graham Cracker today. She wants today. She wants to drive down and pick up Wheat so she can't rebel against the rebellion. ks

  • Posted November 19, 2005 6:59 pm 0Likes
    by Anonymous

    oops. theres a couple of wierd words there………wierd sentence…..whatever.ks

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