Be well, do good work, and keep in touch

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch

Well, in fulfilling all of my goals yesterday I give myself a 50%. But that’s a positive, glass-half-full 50%! Out of the five rather long and vague goals I finally wrote down, I accomplished three.  And the reason three out of five equals only 50% is that those three were the relatively passive ones. And really, given the events of my day, I’m actually very proud of myself.

I did not drink coffee, but rather substituted some lovely English Breakfast tea when I got up at 6a.m.  Yes, I know there is probably more caffeine in that than coffee, but it is a step.  I fulfilled my writing commitment, I stuck to my eating plan, AND I did not drink alcohol … even though I found myself at the end of the day facing three tables full of food, and a wine bar – all FREE!

Garrison Keillor’s Summer Love Tour Show played at Trollwood’s Imagine Theatre outdoor stage. My husband is on the Board so we had to go hobnob with the patrons got to go early and enjoy some conversation and hors d’oeurves before the show.  It was lovely, but without the aid of alcohol, I was out of my comfort zone, and it put one of my core theories to the test.  I’m pretty sure I am much more interesting, and a better conversationalist when I have had a couple of glasses of wine.  Plus, there are some people, in social situations who, purely because I had the benefit of a cocktail or two, aren’t walking around with a plastic fork in their eye.  I’m happy to report that armed only with a bottle of water, I was able to interact politely with all several quite a few of the people there, and no blood was spilled.

We found a seat in the sold out crowd, snuggling butt to butt with strangers in the general admission seats under darkening skies threatening rain.  Now I have to say, as a California native, I didn’t get Garrison Keillor at first when my husband shared what he thought was an “hilarious” cassette tape of his routine with me 25 years ago.  His folksy midwestern humor is an acquired taste, and not for everyone. But the more midwestern I’ve become, I have to admit I’m more able to relate to his hotdish and norwegian batchelor farmer references. But like Andy Griffith Show marathons – I can only take so much sweetness and purity before I have to knock back a couple of shots of tequila, then throw on the headphones and crank some AC-DC.  I was starting to feel a little of that when two things happened.  First, it started to rain.  And I watched as that crowd of predominately over-50 midwestern Lutherans first pulled up the hoods of their jackets, then as quietly and unobtrusively as possible opened their umbrellas.  Sure, some left, but for the most part, the audience stuck with Garrison who sang and quipped under the solid roof covering the stage, warmed by the massive light bars.  Then the second thing that happened made me put aside any thoughts of sneaking out early – The man stepped out into the audience, and protected by no more than a single spotlight along with his rumpled linen suit, wandered up and down the aisles as he finished his 15 minute story, never missing a beat, in the rain!  Now that’s a performer!!

So, I guess I learned that sometimes at the end of the day you have to believe that your efforts were, if not what you’d hoped for, good enough.  When you commit to something, whether its a show or a lifestyle change, you do the best you can with what you have and maybe, if its not too dangerous, you step out of your comfort zone, into the rain to be closer to your supporters.

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