Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Here is some background info on the “stars” of this soap opera  / sitcom  Reality Show.

  1. Downtown Dad  (AKA Downtown Dave, or just Dave) We are head over heels, some would say annoyingly, in love with each other after 35  years of marriage. We live in a lovely house in an impossibly nice town, in the upper midwestern frozen tundra plains. We do not hunt moose. We have three great kids, our kitty GusGus, and a pool. Downtown Dad, in addition to being the world’s best husband and father, is a politician, lobbyist, promoter, historian, and genealogist, with a dubious gift of gab. That man will talk to anyone… really, ANYone. He works… well… he works Downtown.
  2. Bobby (AKA Robert, Beez, Bee Bop)  He is a procrastinating photographer. He rents a house a few miles away and works for a regional healthcare facility.
  3. Kelsie (AKA Tessie Wee, Kels) She is an artist in every sense of the word, drawing, painting, sculpting, all seemingly effortlessly.
  4. Jarrod (AKA JearBear) He taught himself to play guitar He is very much like Downtown Dad in his love of history, and politics, and that whole gift of gab thing.
  5. GusGus (AKA Agustus, Gustopher, KittyKat)
  6. Lala (AKA Linda, Mom, Hey you.) Me? I possess neither the gift of gab, nor the artistic talents so abundant in the other members of my family. I can throw together a wicked sentence or two though, and that to me is much more practical than all that singing and drawing stuff. And, well, somebody’s got to write the Christmas Letter!

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