Change, Change, Always Change

Change, Change, Always Change

Turns out, the path to “reclaiming my health” required what turned out to be a bargain with the devil. OK, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but go with me on this.

This functional health practitioner does talk a good game, and promotes a very sound nutrition and common sense based program that to this day, I honestly believe in. It’s just that promoting his program involves selling it to people in a skeezy way.

Every weekend, he puts an ad in the newspaper that appeals to people who are struggling with weight/depression/fatigue and any number of maladies, brought on by life in our frenetic world. And every Monday, scores of people respond to that ad by signing up for his Free Gourmet Dinner and Weekly Seminar. All well and good on the surface, but l need to back track…

The good chiropractor-turned-functional-doctor, has bought in to a management consulting firm that promotes a certain way of doing business, a template if you will. This San Antonio, TX based company sells (for several hundred thousand dollars a pop) their scripted approach to profitability. This approach labels potential patients as leads, and current patients as clients, boiling down the turnout to these seminars into “show rate percentages” and “conversions.”

To add insult to injury, the person who signs these people up for the seminar (me), according to the consulting company’s script, cannot answer the obvious and expected questions these people ask. Such as, “what is he selling?” “there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or dinner) what’s the catch?”

In effect, I was hired to “connect” with the good doctor’s patients, which is absolutely what I do because of the importance I place on customer service. But by adhering to the script, I mislead them into a situation where they are being sold.

So, hence the skeezy. 

I will not ever knowingly be skeezy. This hits too close to home on my opinion of how organized religion is sold, and therefore why I feel like I’m making a bargain with the devil.

So, long story, but the upshot is that I’m again looking for my last job. At 59 and 11/12ths this is NOT where I would have planned to be at this age. But I am resilient, and teachable, and for any potential employers out there, definitely NOT SKEEZY!

Change is good, change is good, change is good…


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