Creating My Own Inspiration

Creating My Own Inspiration

actually-i-canSo, as I noted a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t chosen to participate in the HuffPost/50’s series where they follow 15-women-over-50-extraordinarily-reinventing-themselves-in-2015…

OK, let me amend that – I must confess, try as I might, I couldn’t make my vow to lose 52 pounds in 52 weeks sound extraordinarily reinventiony enough – not altruistically inspirational enough – to even write the email pitching myself. Surely my selfish goals would pale in the radiance of the mountain climbers, heart surgeons, inventors, and volunteers who longed to change not only themselves, but the world with their 2015 resolutions!

Now, after reading the goals of the women that were chosen, I may have sold myself short. Sure, some of these dames are amazing, but some, not so much! (Meeting the man of your dreams on Tinder? Oh honey, come on.)

In hindsight though, I would have hated for them to have had to choose between two Linda Andersons!  Yep, my very own Googleganger is the first one on the list, and kudos to her – at least her story is inspirational. I talk about my weight loss as a journey, but it is hardly a spiritual pilgrimage through the mountains of Spain! I can barely make 10,000 steps a day, and she walks 50 miles a week and she’s 15 years my senior!

But whether or not I am a part of Rita Wilson’s chosen 15, I will still keep on keeping on with creating my own inspiration. Sure, taking an online math class, while actively participating in weekly discussions about the economies of pop culture in a global sexualities class may not be world changing, but it is a challenge.  Losing a pound a week is not stop-the-presses newsworthy, but still being a kick-ass wife, mom, and executive assistant while doing it is certainly something to be proud of. My perseverance, my ups, and downs, gains and losses may not be Nobel Prize worthy, but there are stories there to be told and maybe lessons to be learned in the telling.

Personally, I’m more convinced than ever that my adventures in living, learning and working with multiple generations of entrepreneurs, civic leaders, teachers and learners, kooks and dreamers is not only inspirational, but pretty interesting to read about.

…If only I could discipline myself to write regularly about them!

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  • Posted March 2, 2015 7:01 pm 0Likes
    by Susan @ A Slice of My Life

    Sounds like you are making some pretty extraordinary changes to me. Seriously, people struggle to lose 5 pounds and you are going to do ten times that! And taking a class or two, hitting 10,000 steps, along with everything else you do? I’ll list you on my top 15!

    Oh…the fact that you had started blogging again was part of my inspiration to start again. You CAN’T stop now!
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