Dave Days

Dave Days

Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile.  Give ’em a week, they’ll take a month.

Back in the dark ages, when Downtown Dad was just Dave, he and I got married.  It didn’t occur to me at the time that I’d fallen for his evil plan was amusing that his birthday was two days before our wedding, and that Father’s Day fell on the same week. As the years dragged on flew by, I began to realize I’d set myself up for a week-long, almost daily occurrence of paying homage coming up with an appropriate gift for the celebration of each facet of his life. Not that he doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment – honestly, satire aside (for the moment) he’s a great dad, a wonderful husband, and an all around great guy. In fact, I personally think Daves in general are the bomb-diggity.
A few years ago, as the Fathersdaybirthdayanniversary week of gift giving approached, I jokingly referred to it as “Dave Days.”  
Katie bar the door.
We convened all the local Daves and Dave fans, at local Daveries for a week of celebrating Daveness with spontaneous events such as Thirsty ThirstDave, and cookouts on FryDave.  It was a hit.  Who knew these normally mild mannered representatives of the name could be so self appreciative?

Partially it’s my fault.  I didn’t take into consideration that there are 3.4 million Daves in the US.  Maybe inviting other Daves to celebrate with us was overindulgent.  Maybe I shouldn’t have passed out stickers with sayings like “What a difference a Dave makes” or “Catch a Dave and your sittin’ on top of the world” or “These are the good ol’ Daves” at the bar, ironically called Dave’s Southside Tap.

Maybe creating a Facebook Group was a step too far.
This year though, I lost all control.  One of our Dave friends also has a birthday in June. June 1st.  In light of this, in his all-inclusive way, Downtown Dad took it upon himself to expand Dave Days from a one week celebration, to one that is a whole month long!  This then, spawned the need for a tee-shirt which, by the way got 70 orders in its first day and continues to sell briskly.  
So, if you are a Dave, or know and love a Dave (and who doesn’t?) or, I guess if you’d like to be one of the cool kids, then you should start celebrating now what is sure to soon become a full-fledged Hallmark occasion – if the Daves have anything to do with it!

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