Day 10 – It Takes a Long Time To Recover

Day 10 – It Takes a Long Time To Recover

I’m really just so tired. No motivation to do anything creatively. In fact, I fell asleep before I could get this written on the actual day, so I’m writing it the next day. On one hand I’m glad I didn’t make doing something creative every day a part of this as I had originally planned. On the other hand if I’d made confessing something every day a part if it, I’d have that one covered. And so you can see by all that rambling, I’m also bereft of anything meaningful to say as well!

Meditation: I have really embraced the guided meditation. I can’t say I get it yet, and I doubt that I get much more than a few minutes of pure release of my busy thoughts, but I do see why it’s called a practice – and I guess I need a lot more practice!

Exercise: i still have the sick person snores, so being the wonderful guy he is, Downtown Dad usually ends up on the couch. I took full advantage of that this morning by going right from meditation to yoga. I just have to say, I love yoga! Of all the benefits I expect to reap from this experiment, I’m most excited to make yoga a habit!

1. I am thankful for my iPad
2. I am thankful for a kitty to warm my feet on a chilly morning
3. I am thankful for opportunities to reconnect with old friends

Act of Kindness
I like to think that I’m basically a kind person, doing several kind things daily without even really considering it. Therefore, it feels kind of self serving to chose one thing to actually brag about. So having said that …. I made a cup of coffee for myself with the office Keurig, then rather than leave the water reservoir empty, I filled it, so the next person wouldn’t have to.

One Good Thing: The best thing I did today, was to make an appointment for a doctor to X-ray or MRI my knee to see what is causing the pain.

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