Day 12 AND 13 – Pain Can Be Such a Burden

Day 12 AND 13 – Pain Can Be Such a Burden

OK, yeah yeah.  I missed a day.  In my initial post I said I wouldn’t quit.  I did NOT say I wouldn’t be late. So I’m going to take poetic license and sort of meld the two days together.  Actually it kind of works out better that way…

Yesterday, I went to the doctor’s office.  I’d made an appointment to “get an ex-ray, an MRI, ultrasound, anything to give me a clue as to why my knee hurts all the time!” The person I normally see was out, but they got me in to see another guy who turned out to be great!  He poked and prodded, and twisted and turned my leg every which way.  And, just like when you take your car to the mechanic for that thing that goes Kachink-a-bzzzzz-pop all the time, but it won’t when you’re there, my knee refused to cooperate. And by cooperate, I mean it didn’t pop, it didn’t lock up, it didn’t even hurt when it was bent into pretzel shapes.  But this doctor understood my plight and told me that while it was a very young 55 year old knee – still and all, it was a 55 year old knee, and there was likely some inflamation in the joint.  He suggested I do 4 things.  

1.  Go downstairs to get my knee ex-rayed.  Just to be sure there were no bone spurs or damage.

2.  Take this anti-inflammatory perscription pill every day for two weeks

3.  Continue to do my yoga in the morning

4.  Put ice on my knee immediately after yoga.

OK. So this is what I did.  And honestly, The. Next. Day. My nemesis the knee pain was all but gone!  Craaaazy!  So this is a life changing thing, brought about (in part) by one of the 5 things I’ve committed to doing every day!  Craaaaazy! 

Meditation: Did meditation on my own this morning with the aid of chimes and bells at the end of my Yoga program.  I’ll admit to wandering off my path a lot.  I do not get meditation.

Exercize: 36 minutes of Yoga.  Stretches for back and abs.  The best part of my day.

1. I’m thankful today for doctors who care about and connect with their patients
2. I’m thankful as well for drugs that anti-inflame my poor inflamed knee
3. I’m thankful for the bag of frozen peas that brought additional anti-inflamation relief.

4. I’m especially thankful today for coworkers who took a minute to connect and share, or ask how I was doing today.  You guys will never know how much I needed that today.

5. I’m thankful for the Chicken Cordon Bleu from Speakeasy, that was too much for dinner last night, but just perfect for lunch today.

6.  I’m thankful for independent adult kids who come and go as they please at my house, and do what they can to pitch in, all the while filling my mommy-soul with warm fuzzies.

Act of Kindness:  it is kind of sad to claim an act of kindness as some act of murder or violence you didn’t do, but I’m making my own rules here and dammit, I’m on a roll!  So at the clinic, as I was waiting in line to check in for my appointment – standing back from the counter, so as to allow the others their privacy – a little old lady walked in, and right past me to take her place in line… in front of me.  Granted, she was wearing the wraparound dark glasses that act more as blinders, but seriously – she walked around me to stand in front of me!  What did I look like, a pole?!  So when the reception person motioned obviously around her to me, of course, she walked right up to the window.  I summoned all of the I’m-gonna-make-this-an-act-of-kindness mojo I had and just smiled.  And honestly, it wasn’t even a minute before I was checking in, and the reception person apologized all over herself.  I just smiled and said, “aw shucks, it’s no big deal.”

One Good Thing: The best thing that happened today was that I found two perfectly ripe avocados at the grocery store tonight, and, using some of the scallions from my garden, a half a lemon, and some Himalayan sea salt, I made the perfect guacamole to enjoy with organic blue corn chips.  Heaven.


  • Posted October 11, 2013 10:45 am 0Likes
    by Smalltown Me

    I went to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl last night, and while the ladies restroom situation is MUCH improved over what it was in my youth, it still gets crowded after a show. A woman came out of a stall and cut me off, pushing ahead of me into the one empty stall I was headed towards. I looked into the stall she had just vacated. It was unflushed. Sometimes those autoflushers don’t go off. But WTF, she couldn’t flush it herself? She had to leave the mess for the next person? So my random act of kindness was to flush it, and to make sure that the flusher worked properly when I was done.

    • Posted October 12, 2013 2:22 am 0Likes
      by lindalla

      I know, right?!?! And good for you – it’s not like you had to carry a bucket to the window and dump it, you just push the button! This random act of kindness thing sure changes the way you look at things doesn’t it?

  • Posted October 14, 2013 10:14 am 0Likes
    by Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

    My 48 year old knee wishes your 55 year old knee a speedy recovery. Ice after yoga. Why didn’t I think of that?

    • Posted October 14, 2013 8:24 pm 0Likes
      by lindalla

      LOLOLOL! I’m actually rethinking that… After two days of no pain, today it came back, but it feels more like a muscle, which would respond better to heat…. So confusing!

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