Day 17 – A Teacher Will Appear When The Student Is Ready

Day 17 – A Teacher Will Appear When The Student Is Ready

So, all along, I’ve been whining that I’m not doing meditation right, that I need to find a teacher to help me.  And I thought I was so smart, combining meditation with my yoga practice since I thought my mind was easier to hog tie  pin down  quieter then.  And then, the teacher appeared when I found this article 7 Life Changing Benefits of A Surprisingly Simple Meditation Technique.  Walking! Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?

The other thing I want to say is I REALLY miss sleeping.  With two dogs, a cat and two adult children who work in the food service industry, our house is busier at 3AM than it is at 3PM!

Exercise:  4:30 am Yoga for 20 minutes.  Sadly, it was more energizing than I’d hoped.

Meditation:  5am trying to “meditate” hoping it would put me back to sleep.  Turns out those hoping thoughts are noisy and persistent, pushing out not only the “OHM” but the sleep as well.


1.  Despite what I just wrote above, I am really thankful that my kids come home, and if they don’t technically come home, they at least touch base pretty regularly.

2.  I was thankful today for a couple of fruit related tips I’ve gotten – I’ll share… 1) if you separate the banana when you buy a bunch they will ripen more slowly.  Seriously.  It works!  2) if you’re cutting a fruit like an apple or pear into sections, first, cut it in half, then use a mellon baller to scoop out the core.  Once that’s gone you can cut it into slices easily!  You’re welcome!

3.  I was also thankful today for the amazing Facebook group I’m a part of, The Women of Midlife.  Wow, it just feels really good sometimes to be a member of a “tribe.”

Act of Kindness:  I’m gonna claim this one again… I sat up and had a conversation with my son when he came home at 3am.  I didn’t really want to, but I realized the rare opportunity this was, so I pinned my eyes open and listened.

One Good Thing:   The best thing that happened today was that Downtown Dad had dinner waiting for me when I got home!  Pork Chops with apple and chipotle seasoning, and baked acorn squash!  Mmmmmmm!


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