Day 6 – Take Time When You Can

Day 6 – Take Time When You Can

Today is moving day for my oldest son, Bobby. I guess I should clarify by saying it’s moving-back-in day. He’s been going through a rough patch for about a year and he finally is taking us up on our offer for him to live here temporarily until he can get back on his feet financially and emotionally. The good news is that ever since making the decision to move home, things have been looking up for him! I mean literally right after making the decision, he got a call to interview for a job he’s been wanting for a vey long time. He’s a server and a really good one, so it was quite an ego boost for him when he got the job at this very upscale restaurant. A further ego boost came a couple days later when he was asked to work lunch shifts by the new owner of the restaurant that started the whole downward spiral!

I feel this is relevant to my challenge because honestly, more than my other two kids, this one’s moods affect me. maybe it’s because we spent so much time together before Downtown Dad and the other two came along. Whatever the reason, aside from feeling pretty crappy because of this cold or flu or whatever it is, I’m feeling pretty good!

1. Meditation: I got in about 15 minutes using a guided meditation video I found on YouTube. I really enjoyed it this time, maybe because I did it after 20 minutes of yoga, maybe because it had the sound of ocean waves in the background.

2. Gratitude:
1. Today I am thankful for team members that come through in a pinch
2. I am also thankful for tomato basil soup and Fritos
3. and Today I am thankful for Coldeze Day and Night tablets

3. Acts of Kindness: Today, even though all I wanted to do from about three o’clock on, was go home and sleep, I helped a coworker get a large and detailed project started. I also let Bobby borrow my mini SUV to move – and helped him pack up the first load. And, I even showed myself some kindness by (as the title suggests) taking advantage of a rare 45 minutes when the house was empty, to fit in 20 minutes of yoga and almost 15 minutes of meditation.

4. One Good Thing: I would have to say that there were two good things today. The first good thing about today was how surprisingly good I felt after doing yoga, when it was seriously the last thing I wanted to do. The second good thing was that Kelsie made fabulous baked salmon with Caesar salad for dinner – totally out of the blue!

5. Exercise: I downloaded a yoga ap on my iPad called All in Yoga and it led me through a 20 minute sun salutation routine that was really great. while I’m still achy and I think feverish, I’m at least centered!


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    by smalltown me

    Great day for you!

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