Day Two of Recuperation

Day Two of Recuperation

I can choose to either have my brain and pain in my foot, or take my pills and have no pain and no brain.

I dozed and watched TV all day yesterday until night time. At that point I chose to not take the pain pills and see how much my foot hurt. Surprizingly, it didn’t hurt that much so I hobbled around on my crutches for a while. This only serves to make the other leg hurt.

I actually went all night without taking the pain meds and slept better than I did the night before. This morning, I got up and down a couple of times and didn’t take any pain pills untill late morning. It was much nicer without the pills, since I was clear headed, but my foot started throbbing so I gave in and took two.

I’m thinking that I’ll just take one from now on, because the two seems to make me feel like it’s hard to breathe. Plus it takes so long to wear off. And it’s not even a fun high. It does sedate me though and keeps me from trying to get up and do something, which I guess is the point.

Downtown Dad and both the kids have been just great! They are doing laundry, and making meals and they even got groceries.

Tessie has an assignment that involves making her own soundtrack for Romeo and Juliet. They just rented the 1968 version which I probably haven’t seen since I was Tessie’s age. She’s asked me to help but, my brain is so mushy, I don’t know how much help I’ll be!

I’m so glad I had this done! And the timing seems to be just great for the recuperation process.

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  • Posted March 13, 2007 12:37 am 0Likes
    by brandy

    I hope you feel better soon! And the Romeo and Juliet project sounds like fun!

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