Days 18 & 19 – Time and Priorities

Days 18 & 19 – Time and Priorities

Remember back at the beginning of this challenge I said something about how Downtown Dad and I have blog-worthy adventures every day?  Judging by my posts, that really hasn’t been the case.  And, don’t get your hopes up, I’m not saying the past two days have been any different.  But I will say that I probably could have made the adventures we did have more blogworthy… and here’s the kicker – if I’d have had the time.

Time.  Grrr!  There’s never enough time!  I felt like I was getting a handle on prioritizing things.  Like we had everything under control.  I wouldn’t have thought it was that big a deal, but now with a couple days perspective under my belt, having someone, even a close family member – even my son, move into my house, really does change the flow of things.  I’ll adapt, and things will even out again, but I’m thankful to have a running commentary to be able to record this.  (And yes, I’m totally using that again in the Gratitude part)

Exercise:  I haven’t tried the walking meditation yet.  I’m sticking with the yoga for two reasons; it really seems to help my knee pain, and it’s something quiet I can do practically anywhere.  I do 20 minutes in the morning after I’ve fed and watered the livestock.   I will say that I’m really longing for a “real” yoga class with a live yogi leading it.  You’d think with all the classes I’ve been to I’d just know the sun salutation routine like the back of my hand, but I don’t.  Maybe I’ll go to a class at the Spirit Room this weekend.

Meditation:  This gets really old.  I don’t feel like I’m growing here.  It feels like a chore and I know I must be fighting this for some reason.  Anyway.  15 minutes of quiet time.  Check.

Gratitude:  I know this is supposed to be for two days.  And I know I should jot down something when I feel grateful.  But I don’t.  This part is getting easier and I wont say it is the chore that meditation is, but it really is something I have to think about, and that takes time and time is… well… that’s the whole theme of this post isn’t it?

1.  I’m thankful for AirBnB.  If you don’t know what this is, you should.  It’s people who have houses or apartments, or rooms that they will rent you for a day, a week, or longer.  And you find them on the Internet, and negotiate and book your stay all electronically.  With our trip to Pasadena this winter, we’ve chosen to try this out.  I’ve found four places I’d really like to call home for the week we’re there, and the cost is less than 100 per day… WAY less!

2.   I’m thankful for the early mornings when I can do yoga and try to meditate and when I can write these posts.

3.   I’m thankful for Downtown Dad’s cashe in town and locally.  He always has tickets to something, or knows about some event that (thankfully) he lets me attend with him.  I roll my eyes sometimes, and sometimes I go because it’s my “duty.” But most of the time we really do some “blog-worthy” stuff.  Last night wasn’t one of those.  We heard a speaker at the NDSU campus talk about “the HOW” of getting things done.  He was a really great speaker, but I’m not sure I walked away having learned anything.

Act of Kindness:  When I think of all the arguments I could start, if I just said what I was thinking, I feel very justified in saying that my acts of kindness for the past couple of days have been to hold my tongue.  I do wish there were others that would do the same.

One Good Thing: Let me preface this by saying two things… 1) that I’m very task oriented.  Nothing makes me happier than crossing shit off of my to-do list.  The other thing is, that every other week I switch off with a co-worker on manning the email inbox at work.  This is where all of the requests to fix or add, or tweak something on the company website come in.  When you’re manning the inbox, you literally can do nothing else.  This is my week.  Thus the whining above that I have no time!  Anyway… the best thing that happened over the past couple of days is that I have been able to keep up with the inbox, and while I haven’t gotten it emptied yet, I’ve kept it under control.  Thursday and Friday the volume seems to slow down, so here’s hoping that the next two days have a few more minutes where I can breathe!

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