Dear Diary…

Dear Diary…

It occurs to me that other “bloggers” post their writings daily – no matter what it is they have to say. When I don’t post for a day or two it isn’t that I don’t have anything to say, I just have apparently succumbed to performance anxiety. Knowing that people I know, and don’t know are reading this doesn’t necessarily make me nervous, it just makes it seem very important to only post ‘good’ stuff. ‘Good’ being entirely subjective.

So, having disclaimed, and rationalized I am now going to have a goal of posting something every day. No matter how inane, or boring, or pointless or unentertaining or (yikes) revealing.

My last post was September 30 when I was ‘home alone’ with the kids and a cold. Prior to that, I posted what I thought was a pretty good run at a thought provoking piece. Anonymous, however, thought differently. Sadly, I must give this anonymous person a bit of credit, because from that comment I came up with an idea for a really cool story!

In the days between that post and the one about the creepy Rose flavored vodka, I did some deep soul searching when faced with an opportunity to be a guinnea pig for the sake of pharmaceutical advancement for a really large sum of money. About as close as I’ll ever come to an “Indecent Proposal,” and it caused almost as much turmoil in my life. I decided against the three week study when I learned it would be with a drug not yet approved by the FDA. There is way more to this topic I want to say so maybe I’ll do a post on it at a later date.

So there. I’ve caught you up on all the haps in my life… well sort of…

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