Decadence is my will-power’s kryptonite!

Decadence is my will-power’s kryptonite!

“Oh, I so admire your will -power!”  Yeah, that’s what all my friends say, in response to me turning down yet another lunch, piece of cake, glass of wine. For me, it’s not really that hard to turn down some things, because frankly, some of the things that are offered just aren’t special enough to warrant breaking my “vows.”  Emphasis on the word some!  I can take or leave most store-bought birthday cakes, or cookies, or invitations to chain restaurants, or fast food places.  And my frugality, more than my willpower is in charge when I turn down a glass of wine.  But yesterday, my willpower met it’s match, and I learned that I am quite easily swayed by high quality decadence!

Yesterday a woman in my office was celebrating her birthday, so my boss brought in treats.  I thought I would be able to decline easily, since the small, but sinful sweet shop she usually frequents is closed on Mondays.  But I was wrong.  She went to an organic bakery and brought fresh, warm, whole-grain rolls – one of which, a cheese drizzled, sun-dried tomato jalapeno bun called to me loudly as soon as she walked through the door!  After the satisfying experience of eating that, and just before the guilt set in, my son called and invited me to lunch with he and his girlfriend.  I was pretty sure we’d go to a popular downtown artisanal restaurant where I’d easily be able to choose a healthy salad that might offset the extra calories oh so deliciously consumed along with that jalapeno roll.  Wrong again!  Yes, I could have ordered the local organic greens salad, but why would I, when the soup of the day is Lobster Bisque?!  The trojan horse of thick buttery, velvety, creamy, sauce, and chunks of fresh lobster, easily carried four million calories past my distracted lips.

So, numbed and drowsy from it’s guilty pleasures, my famous will-power refused to kick in – even at home.  After the hour of eight o’clock p.m., when technically I am not supposed to eat, I opened the refrigerator.  Inside was a carton of Greek style yogurt.  Thick, creamy, velvety goodness… Shhhh!  Don’t tell my will-power it’s fat free!

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