Dissapointed in Normal

Dissapointed in Normal

How can I be disappointed?

I went in for the ultrasound test, steeled and ready to hear that my innards were overrun by free radical fibroid cysts. Armed with a full bladder consisting of 36+ ounces of recently consumed coffee, water and orange juice, I waited on the table for the technician to gasp in horror seeing the armies of growths I assumed were infesting my ovaries, uterus and whatever other mystical womanly organs reside there. But her even and uninterested tone describing my normal-looking guts in such a clinical manner only served to worry me.

If not armies of hydra-like creatures pressing on my spine, what is causing my back pain? If my uterus is not crammed with corpus luteum cysts, then why the irregular periods? If my hormones are still functioning like they are supposed to, then what the creepin’ hell is up with my *&%$#&ing mood swings?

These and other questions remain to be answered. Meanwhile, I slept pretty good last night, this period appears to be over, and my lethargic, meloncholy appears to have lifted.

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