England – Day 10

England – Day 10

Wednesday, October 3rd. We drove to London. So happy to drop off the car and let someone else do the driving. Stopped for brunch at a 50’s inspired “American” cafe. Weird german waitresses dressed in what was supposed to be 50s biker/letterman jackets. My impression now is that they looked more like Nazi soldiers.

Drove past Stonehenge again on our way out.

Got into London, and to the EuropeCar rental agency to turn in the car without incident. I’m sure Dave was very glad to give up driving in the UK. I know I was very glad to give up navigating.

We took a shuttle back to the airport and I really had to go to the bathroom. We took the escalator to the departure gate to find a bathroom. I feel like Dave is frustrated with me always trying to find a bathroom. Anyway, got an Uber – lovely experience. He drove us to our hotel in about a half hour through some traffic I don’t even want to think about driving, or even navigating through!

We got to our hotel and while it’s not lovely by our American standards, its clean, and there are no creepy proprietors! It was still early – 2:30 3ish, so we decided to walk to The Abbey Road Crosswalk. It was a couple miles, and I was more tired and stiff than I’d thought. It was kind of a grueling experience. But we did it. I had to coach Dave in how I wanted it to look, so I got to walk across a couple of times. He walked across too, but didn’t wait for an alone opening. Pretty cool though!

We then walked the two miles back to our hotel and went to dinner at pub across the street. This was more modern, sort of a hunting themed, noisy place. We were lucky because the waitress saw us and said there was a table opening up in the quieter side rooms. We sat next to a family and talked to them a while. We ordered a Toastie which is basically a grilled cheese sandwich with pickle bits and grilled onions. Delish! We also got some Fat Fries with Bloody Mary Salt – yum! More wine, and sleep!


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