England – Day 11

England – Day 11

Thursday, October 4th. We got up really early – I did some yoga and had taken a hot soaking bath the night before, so I’d be ready for today. We had about a mile walk to Victoria Coach Station to meet our Red, Vintage, Open Air, Double Decker bus to tour London. We stopped at a Starbucks to get fuel for the walk (we saw at least 6 more on our way) We walked through Trafalgar Square and were practically the only people there.

We got to our bus, sat up on top and proceeded to zig zag through London with couple of great tourguides, Steve, a funny and knowledgable narrator, and Cameron, who’s birthday it was, acted as the mother duck, always hanging back, counting noses, and making sure our group of about 25 stayed together.

We drove around from about 8 til 11:30 then got on a water taxi to go up and down the Thames. When that part was over at about 12:30, we left the tour, bought a River Roamer pass, and took the boat back up to the Bankside exit to the Globe Theatre.

What a thrilling experience! We had lunch at the Swan next door, then filed into the theatre to see Othello. I bought the tickets early, but I should have done even earlier. Our seats were “rubbish” as I heard one young girl complain. We sat over the right wing of the stage, with a better view of the audience than the stage, but we were able to move around in the box, so I didn’t really care – I was in the Globe!

The actor playing Iago was the same guy who played the Big Friendly Giant, and I had a hard time hating him as I was supposed to. Dave followed along very well, having read two thirds of his NoFear Othello book. He even made some jokes relating to the plot!

It was an overwhelming experience, and I was a little tired already, but we decided to go up the Shard to the 72nd floor. Yikes. It was a pretty OK experience though, after a glass of wine, and half of Daves.

After that, we decided to walk back to the hotel. Oy.

It was a long walk, and we didn’t know where there were any good pubs, or even just restaurants, and everything we did find was overrun, out into the alleys and streets with young urban professionals. I really had to sit down, and we couldn’t find a place until we were almost back to the hotel. So we decided to go back to the place we were at the night before. Didn’t get a room this time, and had a toastie again with wine. I was near tears. Turns out we walked almost 20,000 steps!  No wonder.

Tomorrow, we’re going to do the Perfect London Walk. I hope I’m not too stiff and sore!


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