England – Day 4

England – Day 4

Thursday, September 27th. Today we visited Avebury’s henge and stone circles. They are older, more significant than Stonehenge – and, bonus, you can walk among them! There are sheep everywhere! It doesn’t show so much in the pictures, but it feels very peaceful to see them grazing in and around these giant stones.

We walked over 10,000 steps today. In the village of Avebury, and all over the pasture land that contains these amazing stones. There is a circle of the ones that weren’t knocked down in the church’s attempt to eradicate whatever religion wasn’t theirs. In the center of this giant circle, there is a sort of alleyway formed by the stones, and as we approached it, I felt drawn to that part. That’s also where they built an old stone church. I thought it was because of the lines of power you hear about, but Dave said it was because of the church exerting its power.

We struggled with dying batteries, spotty cell service, and iffy Internet today. We should be happy that our phones function as cameras, but not knowing the area, we need navigation a lot of the time too!

We also walked up a huge hill to view a giant mound, and drove by the long barrow in Kennet, but I was having trouble with my hip so we didn’t walk to see it.

Then we drove to our next place to stay the night in Salisbury, and had dinner at another country pub the Radnor Arms in Nunton.


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