England – Day 6

England – Day 6

Saturday, September 29th. The old moon was lovely last night, still looking almost as full as it was when we were in Stratford Upon Avon. I took pictures, and only I will know that white dot on a black background was as lovely as the face of an old friend.

We’ve been videoing our drives just because it is so different and interesting to be on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road. Dave and I walked out this morning to get in the car and both went to the wrong sides. But after that, it felt like we were getting more used to it. We’ve had a couple of tense moments, where my navigating with Google Maps has been slow, or the roundabouts have been marked differently than what the instructions have been – and Dave and I have tangled. But only really a couple of times, and its getting better every day.

We went to the Salisbury Market this morning. It really was quite lovely. Driving through the narrow streets of Salisbury amid Saturday morning family walkers, older people with walkers and canes, and of course, other cars and tour busses. When we finally parked, we joined the rest of the pedestrians and easily found the market area.

Tents, and stands and barrows lined the ancient streets with the same sounds and smells that have been there continuously on Tuesdays and Saturdays for 700 years! Wow! We stopped at a coffee shop with outdoor seating and paused to sip our lattes, just taking it all in. There was a fruit seller who kept singing out something that we just couldn’t understand, but with a lovely accent. We wandered the market for a while, Dave even found a hat and a vest. I found a lovely colorful scarf.

Once we had filled our eyes to overflowing, we got back in the car and drove across the peninsula to the west toward our home for the night in the little seaside town of Newlyn. The cottage was up a long flight of crooked and uneven stone and cement stairs, and was absolutely beautiful. It would have been a lovely place to spend a few days with a large deck/patio facing the ocean looking over the tops of the houses that stretched on down the hill.

We hadn’t eaten since our muffin and tart at the market, and were starving, so we walked to a lovely little pub called the Fisherman’s Arms where we feasted on fish and chips and a lovely puff pastry topped meat pie, and of course the local beer! The proprietress, Sal, was a delightful local woman who greeted everyone who came in with a “Hello Love” She was the only one serving, greeting and pouring drinks and she did it so efficiently and happily – it was a joy to watch. The pubs in England have all been pet friendly, and this one was no different with a couple of cats roaming around.

It would have been lovely to stay, and enjoy Newlyn, but we had to pack up and be off again the next morning to take in Mousehole, Land’s End, and St. Michael’s mount!

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