Even If It’s Not Visible

Even If It’s Not Visible

I am feeling an improvement. Especially in the skin on my face, it’s smoother, and isn’t breaking out as much. Now I’m not sure if it’s the internal change of diet and all those antioxidant supplements or the topical application of DMEA and a moisturizer with Vitamin C Ester. But, I’m not the chemist here, I am but the lab rat charting my progress in this experiment.

It’s interesting. So many things are changing, but we – our family – is not picking up and moving nor are we doing much of anything drastic. Several times in our lives Downtown Dad and I have felt what we call ‘the winds of change’ start to blow, and each time that’s happened we’ve made a drastic change – relationship, career, state! This time, it seems as if we just needed to open our eyes and accept the changes, rather than effect them as we have in the past. I’m going to stick with me as the example, but just as an aside, the kids are really happy, they’ve got good friends and they are both getting good grades in school. The dogs seem happy – aside from Zoey not getting good grades in her potty training – all seems quiet on the canine front. As for Downtown Dad, well, once the stress eases up a bit I think he’ll start feeling the effects of a better, healthier diet.

So, about the changes:

We’ve decided to take the house off the market and rent it out. I took a class last year that had me absolutely itching to buy and investment property and we just couldn’t swing it financially. Now here we are with a lovely renovated vacant investment property just sitting in our laps – (smacking my forehead) – Duh!

I’ve applied for a Part Time position as a Human Resources Assistant, that offers flexible hours. This way I can hang on to my Realtor license in case somebody wants to buy a house from me by accident, and for the landlord tax write offs, and use my free time doing somethign I know, AND get a steady paycheck! (again with the forehead smacking)

I’m also working on negotiating a freelance writing gig in-house where I work. See, Realtors – real ones, not pretend ones like me, send out marketing propaganda – alot. Our company has recently switched to a marketing newsletter that no one likes, but it was thought that if we produced one in-house the costs would be too prohibitive. I’ve sprinkled hints here and there, and enough people know I can write – plus I’ve strategically placed myself as chairperson of the Marketing Advisory Committee, where the newsletter problem is being discussed. Long story short – it looks like our company will be producing a 4 page glossy marketing newlsetter monthly and I may be able to propose myself a place as writer! Which, would be another source of steady income, once again doing something I know!

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and sticking to my new healthy eating habits and hoping that each of these new pathways work out! OK, here’s the picture. By the way, it will be apparent when I REALLY start to see a difference because I won’t bury the picture way down on the post anymore…. :)

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  • Posted November 19, 2005 6:45 pm 0Likes
    by Anonymous

    Who is that? I don't recognize her. IT WAS VERRRRRRY BRAVE OF YOU TO POST A PICTURE WITHOUT MAKEUP; WITHOUT YOUR HAIR DONE. You are the bravest person I know…….A. Nony Mouse

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