Everything I’ve ever known about storytelling is confirmed by “Dinosaurs In Love”

Everything I’ve ever known about storytelling is confirmed by “Dinosaurs In Love”

Once in a blue moon, something bubbles up out of the Interwebs that is so pure, you can hardly believe it hasn’t existed for all time. Such is the case for three-year old Fenn Rosenthal’s debut song “Dinosaurs in Love”

If you haven’t heard it, listen. Then come back here to learn why it is the most perfect lesson in storytelling, ever!

  • “Dinosaurs eating people” Always open your story with the characters in their everyday lives, but hook your readers or listeners with the nagging thought that it may be normal, but something is slightly off.
  • “Dinosaurs in love” Comfort your readers or listeners with familiarity, something we can all relate to – even dinosaurs fall in love.
  • “Dinosaurs having a party – they eat fruit and cucumber” Look, now that the dinosaurs have found love, they are being more social, and bonus – they’ve backed off on eating people!
  • “They fell in love. They said thank you” When you need to make a point that is important in a song, use the spoken word, and speak softly. This couple clearly knows that they have something special, and they are grateful. What could be more wonderful that these two dinosaurs in love? …..
  • “A Big Bang came” just when you think it’s all going to be sunshine and roses for these two… boom, or, bang as it were, reality rears it’s ugly head.
  • “And they died” …so Shakespearean – two starcrossed lovers…
  • “Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs fell in love” Use repetition. For emphasis. And to savor the sweet memory.
  • “But they didn’t say good bye” Hit your listeners in the feels – hard. It’s not bad enough that these two young dinosaur lovers were cut down before their love had a chance to blossom, oh no – they never had a chance to say good bye!
  • “They. Didn’t. Say. Good. Bye.” Once more for emphasis. And also, always say goodbye. You never know whe the Big Bang is gonna come.

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