Expect The Unexpected

Expect The Unexpected

Usually when I complain about something, the Universe, in it’s infinite passive agressive wisdom, shows me someone who is worse off than I am.  Yesterday was no exception. After my whining publicly about the weather, and not knowing if our party would be indoors or out, I got a text late in the afternoon.  It was from my friend MJ, saying her basement had flooded due to a cracked pipe, they needed help emptying everything out so Servicemaster could come and dry out the floors and walls.  You’ve gotta love social media – 20 minutes after her text, there were 8 adults and 5 teenage boys forming a fire-brigade of sorts, handing boxes, and bins, and furniture up the stairs.  And where do you think they had to stack the contents of the basement?  Why in the garage of course!

The same garage in which MJ and I proudly posed for our article in the newspaper.  The same garage that was to be the venue of her son’s Garaguation party this Sunday.  We are all learning to expect the unexpected and to ALWAYS have a Plan B.

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