First World Problems

First World Problems

You’ve heard the term, “first world problems” right?

You use it when you complain about something that in reality is quite a luxury… theoretically, anything that wouldn’t be considered a problem at all in say a third world country… something inconsequential, that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, is not worth writing home about… basically anything you’d respond “oh grow up” or “wah” to if you heard someone else say it out loud.

  • Like having wait in the drive up for 5 whole minutes to buy a $5 latte.
  • Or having to wait 30 seconds for Google to load so you have access to ALL KNOWLEDGE IN THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD
  • Or having to drink tap water because you are out of bottled water

Those are first world problems.

I too have first world problems. In addition to the examples above of course. If you are reading this, then you are right there with me.

Last night I sat in my lovely suburban home, satisfied after a great day at my exciting job, having shared a light meal and a lovely bottle of wine with my healthy, handsome, successful, loving husband of 26 years, redolent with life adventures and memories, and with all the talent and time and enthusiasm to write a blog post, BUT I COULDN’T THINK OF A FREAKIN’ THING TO WRITE. Stayed awake most of the night thinking about it.

Yep – I just lost sleep over not being able to think of what to write … BUT, I just wrote a 200+ word blog post about it!

Oh grow up.

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