Friend Networks, and Recipe Sharing

Friend Networks, and Recipe Sharing

This past week we had a gathering of what was once the Mighty Moorhead High Theatre Parents.  We meet socially about once a month now, having been thrown together, 120 of us, in 2007 by the happenstance of our kids being cast in a show. We’re down to about 30 now, but what remains is the core, the heart and soul of the best, strongest, smartest, most successful parents I have ever been lucky enough to call friends.

Inspired by a recent question posed by Mrs. G. about friend networks, and this morning by Green Girl in Wisconsin’s query about where people get their recipes – I decided to share one of my creations.  Disclaimer: I am NOT a food blogger, and I have a crappy camera, what you are about to see is actually WAY more delicious than it looks.

For this impromptu potluck, I was asked to bring a side dish, I decided to share a dish that always goes over well.  My made up Midwestern spoonable version of Elote, the delicious fire roasted corn on the cob sold by street vendors in Mexico and Southern California.

You start with a large bag of frozen corn, 1 bag of grated Mexican cheese blend, Parmesan cheese, mayo, 1 can of chopped green chilies, cayenne pepper, and lime juice.

Spread  the corn out on a cookie sheet, then put it under the broiler until it starts to brown, flip them over so the other side gets a tan as well.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix about a cup of the mayo with about a third of a cup of the lime juice.  Add a can of chopped green chilies – I also add 1 can of chopped jalapenos.  Let the corn cool a bit, then pour it into the bowl with the mayo/lime/chilies and add the grated Mexican cheese along with about a third of a cup of Parmesean.  Fold that all together and sprinkle with cayenne.

Serve with chips, or as a vegetable side dish.  Trust me, this easy peasy dish always goes over well, and is fit to serve your bestest friends (both real and imaginary) in the entire world!

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