Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

It occurs to me that a year from now, based on all the things that are bearing down on me like a freight train lining up to happen, my life will have changed substantially.  These events are such that they require planning, monitoring, bribery and payoffs, adjusting, tweaking, celebrating, and last but certainly not least, remembering. And I wouldn’t want to rely on just hard liquor my own aging baby boomer brain to get through this, no no!  Therefore, I  invite you to take this journey with me.  I intend to resume posting regularly here for at least one year, bitching and moaning, tracking and recording, our triumphs and our failures. What’s in store you ask?

You see this year my daughter will start college pursuing a career in teaching, she will adjust to college life while working maybe two jobs and living at home, and may even move out on her own.  Boyfriends come and go, but so far she has no tatoos remains level headed.  My youngest son, a senior in high school, will visit and apply to colleges, he will be accepted to a college most likely we can’t afford on the east coast, but certainly hundreds of miles away, he will audition and participate in his last high school musical, participate in speech for the last times, graduate from high school, we will throw a much anticipated, humdinger of a midwest graduation party, he will audition and perform in his last Trollwood summer musical, and then he too will move out on his own.  Our oldest son is currently attending his 10 year high school reunion in the Pacific Northwest and will return home this week.  His life seems pretty stable recently, with a wonderful girlfriend and plans to be involved in an artists co-op.  They are approaching the one-year mark in their relationship, so can marriage a baby buying a house a puppy be far behind?

This will leave my husband and me alone staring at one another wondering who the hell we’ve become in the much dreaded, yet inevitable category of “empty nesters.”  Which will probably require yet another year of therapy blogging to work through those issues…  Of course, with all of this turmoil going on, why wouldn’t we choose this time to embark on a 12 step program of healthy eating and exercise?  We each hope to end this 12 months at least 30 pounds lighter, toned and fit, decluttered, and with a more zen-like state of mind.

So – thus begins our saga….


  • Posted August 30, 2010 6:58 pm 0Likes
    by smalltownmom

    I've missed you. Welcome back! I look forward to the saga.

  • Posted August 30, 2010 8:31 pm 0Likes
    by St. Elizabeth of Cayce

    Love the humor, and the generous use of strikethroughs. Looking forward to reading more.(I may eventually return to macroblogging once the doctorate is done. I miss it.)

  • Posted August 30, 2010 10:25 pm 0Likes
    by Trudy

    Since I have a head start on the journey you are about to undertake, please feel free to contact me for advice on how to avoid any potholes that might make the trip a little bumpy – I know you will CHOOSE all the right roads – After all, you already chose to take the road that led to our terrific friendship – Keep Smiling – Luv Ya

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