Good Luck With That

Good Luck With That

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”  ~Roy Disney   Ordinarily, I’d agree with just about any quote that came from a Disney, but this quote, on this day puts me in a quandary.  By definition, values are basic convictions of what is right, good, or desirable,  they reflect what you think is important.  For most people it’s broad things like happiness, satisfaction in life, wisdom, peace and harmony. For me right now, the overarching value is sticking to my goals.  The quandary comes in because while sticking to my goals is good and right and important, I also happen to value wine and coffee.  Which isn’t to say that wine and coffee aren’t good and right and important, it’s just that I have to make the decision to not value them quite as much for a while….which is why today may prove to be difficult.

I am going to dinner this evening with the girls from my office to meet and welcome to the community a cousin of one of them.  Now really, there are no better people for me to be with than the girls from my office.  When it comes to values, the broad important ones, we are in complete agreement.  In fact we are also in complete agreement on the value of wine and coffee. A Wine and Coffee Bar, being the very thing that this cousin has come to the community to create and manage.

So here I am, struggling to maintain my abstinence from these two seductive substances, and I will find myself in a situation where there will be an abundance of both, discussing names, and menu offerings designed to seduce customers into partaking.  And I have to decide not to partake.   As my daughter would say, ‘good luck with that.’

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