Happiness Is The Truth

Happiness Is The Truth

Lately, I’ve been hearing Pharrell’s Happy song in my head nearly all the time. Partly, because it’s infectious, but mostly because I’m truly happy! I think the coolest thing about this song is that Pharrell doesn’t just keep his happy to himself, he invites us to join in! And really if you think about it, when you’re truly happy, don’t you want everybody else to join in – to clap along?  In fact, the line “Happiness is the truth” invokes the philosophical idea that being happy and in harmony with yourself and the universe, is the ultimate truth of existence.

In truth, my existence, at least professionally, has largely been in the role of an Administrative Assistant, and honestly, when I’m doing it, I always love it. Oh, I’ve strayed off of that path now and then trying to find happiness, as a Realtor, a stay at home mom, and most recently a foray into the Digital Operations world. But lately, it has become increasingly clear to me that the role of assistant is my true calling. Bridging the gap, coordinating, organizing, handing off, keeping track – these are all things I do instinctively, and I have to admit, doing them gives me an intense sense of accomplishment – if you want the truth, it makes me happy!

Three years ago, when I made the excruciatingly difficult decision to leave my administrative assistant job with the FM Symphony to work full time for Sanford, I fully believed that this would be my last career shift.  A cushy, stable job, nice digs, great salary with benefits, and an opportunity to learn some new skills.  At my age, I assumed that this kind of opportunity was not going to present itself again. And I was delighted by one of the unexpected benefits; working with and learning from a whole new generation of professionals. I was in hog heaven. …until I wasn’t.

So last week, I was recruited by a sinister undercover agency – I am now going to use my evil plan to take over the world! Haha!

Well, not really. Actually, an opportunity presented itself last week, to go to work as an Executive Assistant for a start-up mobile web and app developer company called Myriad Mobile. I decided to take a leap of faith and shift back to what I do best.

MyriadThis company is run by some of the most brilliant, and visionary, community centered connectors I’ve ever met. A whole company filled with that new generation of professionals. I am beyond happy – I’m ecstatic! Not only are these brilliant people running a successful company that is growing by leaps and bounds, they are also intensely involved in building and promoting our city and region. Something else I’ve been noticing I do instinctively, which, in turn inspires me. AND, the thing that makes me even more happy is I get to work with these two crazy guys – AND, you get a crown when you work there! AND, they want ME to be a part of that!



If happiness is being in harmony with yourself and nature, and if fully realizing that happiness is inviting others to join in with your happiness – then I’m sharing my happy with you now! Clap along with me if you think happiness is the truth!

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