Hello, My Name Is Linda And…

Hello, My Name Is Linda And…

Alright! I’ll admit it! I’m a Cleanaholic!

“Hello Linda.”

Mind you that doesn’t mean I clean well. After all, an alcoholic doesn’t necessarily drink the finest, most expensive wine. But I do THINK about cleaning pretty much all the time! I was thinking about cleaning today as a matter of fact, but I got distracted by this and this. I even found myself a themesong.

It’s just that there’s always so MUCH to clean and usually so LITTLE time! And even though they offer to help clean, the family doesn’t do it the *right* way, the way I want it done, so if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. Thankfully, the household, knowing my addiction, usually can provide enough enablement for me. A typical week looks like this; The dogs track in leaves, and small tumbleweeds and deposit fur on every sitting surface; The birds – on purpose – have a secret birdcathalon where they throw seed hulls and feathers as far as they can from behind their bars; The dirty clothes, thown down the laundry chute, multiply, spilling out into the TV room; The dirty dishes teeter and balance in the sink, overflowing onto every counter and table within view of a TV; Food purchased from the Eyes-Bigger-Than-Your-Stomach-All-Night-Drive-Thru festers and furrs itself in the fridge, aided by the light always on because there is too much stuff in there for the door to close!

Thank goodness there is enough time in my day to post this blog!

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  • Posted November 7, 2007 10:38 pm 0Likes
    by Poppy Buxom

    Ha!I have cleaning help, and I still get sucked into programs like How Clean is Your House? Love it! As soon as I finish blathering away in this comment, I'm heading back to follow your links. Because I need a theme song, dammit! I'm obsessed with housekeeping. I buy books about cleaning and decluttering all the time. In fact, the major source of clutter around here is books about decluttering. I sit around on my fat ass reading about housekeeping while the dust bunnies multiply under the sofa.

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