Here we go again!

Here we go again!

So, my last two posts have been… shall we say ‘interesting’….

I admit I was just posting again to see if I actually remembered how to do it. 

I realize now the difference between a blog and a journal.  I was having trouble deciding what to post because of the ‘consider your audience’ mantra.  I know now that if I have a qualm about whether or not to post it, it’s something that should go in a private journal, not this.  Sounds simple, but that’s my MO – live and learn.

So, here we are in the last week of August.  The last week of summer.  Usually the saddest part of the year for me.  Based on my childhood, its sad because we took our family vacations this week.  Memories remind me that I had to leave my friends and usually get into a sweaty station wagon with my parents and go to some Americana-touristy place, usually dressed identically to my little sister.  Alternately, we’d climb into a plane and go to a Hawaiian island and stay at some dingy retirement place with leering, Brylcreamed retirees for two weeks – again dressed to match.

Now, 30 years later, its only sad in retrospect.  I get this mixed feeling of sad and happy.  Sad that the hot weather and pool season is ending, but happy that the kids are going back to school.  The happy tends to be a little muted as the years progress now too.  “The kids” are now “the teenagers” and they are progressively less annoying to be around.

There’s no ironic point to this post.  I’m actually just sitting here in my office doing my ‘floor time.’ I’ have 15 more minutes and then I can blast out to run a couple errands and then throw on my bathing suit and soak up those fleeting last rays of summer sun!


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