I have been besieged by life this past month. (Besieged is such a dramatic word, don’t you think?) Life, the ebb and flow of it. Not so much ebb and flow in a poetical way, mostly like my life was ebbing while everything else flowed past me.  And that was mostly because I let my hormone prescription lapse. So here I am, perilously behind in not only progesterone, but in recounting – and therefore recording for posterity – the hilarity, tragedy, drudgery, expectation, and excitement that has somehow been just too overwhelming to write about.

None of it is earth shaking, or newsworthy – unless you’re me.  I just haven’t been able to see the humor in much lately. This is possibly because I’m sleep deprived, likely because I can’t sleep at night due to hot flashes, which is possibly because of the hormone deficiency, or honestly, maybe because I’m very likely insane. But honesty is the best policy, it may even be trending on Twitter.  That was supposed to be funny, but now I’m not sure it was.

So, now as I sit in the dark at 2 a.m., unable to sleep, my perhaps ill-considered decision is to just do a bullet point list of everything that’s happened, happening, and going to happen, in hopes of getting it off my mind so I can salvage a few hours of sleep.  Bear with me, you’ve read this far…
  • Soroptimist Garden Tour – done.  Yard looked great.  Don’t have to do that ever again.
  • Have been a part of the League of Extraordinary Women from my office who are helping one of the ladies in my office ready her house for sale, and ready herself for a better life as she picks her way through the minefield of her (soon to be ex) husband’s suicide attempts, and messy divorce proceedings.
  • Still taking the high road, although seriously, you are missing out on some blisteringly funny passive- aggressive hillbilly humor.
  • Got some tough news about an object of my Internet stalking, old crush, which will have to wait for my hormone replacement drugs to kick in a later post.
  • In exactly one month, my entire world will change when both kids start college.  One, who will still be living at home, and one who will fly off to Washington DC all by himself.
  • Our California Adventure looms draws near with plans coming together quite well for the Time Capsule Opening at my elementary school.  There will be marbles!
  • I was reminded that the cliques from high school never really go away, and that a part of me still wants to be accepted by the popular kids.
  • Conversely, I was reminded of the shallow thinking that causes cliques in high school, and why I wouldn’t want to be a part of that, not no how, not no way!
  • I recently reconnected with a long lost cousin through Facebook.  Through that connection, I found out that she is now married to the son of my old Camp Fire Girls leader.  I am still pondering the relative implications of that one.
  • Excited to meet up with a small town mom I met through blogging, then found out that we briefly attended the same high school.
  • Excited to mooch a free night spend some quality time with my cousin Mary on one end of our trip, and my nephew Mark on the other end.
  • Happy that my daughter Tessie, helped me figure out my wardrobe for our trip when she came home to find me weeping over the pile of clothes I had strewn all over my bedroom.  Hormone deficiency again. Ya think?
Maybe that list will give my muse some fodder… and maybe the hormones will help.

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  • Posted July 19, 2011 8:56 am 0Likes
    by smalltownmom

    Hope you got back to sleep! You need to be rested for your trip!

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