Isn’t Sunday Sposta Be a Day of Rest?!?

Isn’t Sunday Sposta Be a Day of Rest?!?

The Universe appears to be with me on my endeavors.  I had planned on a slight transgression this  weekend, since I thought we’d be eating junk and greasy food, an at the Rollag Steam Threshers festival, but events have conspired in my favor.  Turns out last night we dawdled around long enough for the concession stands to be closed when we got there.  Then instead of going there again this morning for a million calorie breakfast of eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausage and egg coffee, it turned out that we didn’t have to give Bobby a ride at 5:15 a.m. like we’d planned, so we went back to bed and rose 5 hours later to the clean and healthy tea and oatmeal.  

Got a lot done around the house today, cleaned out the garage, and got some healthy groceries to encourage eating at home.  


  • Posted September 5, 2010 8:36 pm 0Likes
    by smalltownmom

    Your timing was great!My most recent small concession to healthier living is that since my son is at school till 5:30, my happy hour is now delayed until 6. Small steps!

  • Posted September 6, 2010 8:42 pm 0Likes
    by Lala

    Bwahahaha! I like your logic!

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