January 3

January 3

The whole point of starting this blog was to force myself to write. And the point of the name was to remind me to be honest – or straight up, while at the same time keeping my own sense of humor – slightly dirty. Obviously every post cannot be witty and socially relevant. I guess I have to think of this as a planting ground for ideas.

I recently got a notebook computer – on the surface, for my Real Estate work, but it did seem like a logical, if not romantic way to use the three hours most nights where I am wide awake and the rest of the house is sound asleep. I could see myself illuminated by the blue glow of the screen, silently putting into words those brilliant thoughts that run in and out of my head in those wee hours. This is not one of those times.

In reality, it’s 6:30 a.m. and I wasted the past three hours telling myself that if I just didn’t open my eyes, I’d go right back to sleep. If I could just get comfortable, I’d sleep. If I could just…. yeah right. But as Scarlett Ohara said…. ‘tomorrow is another day!’

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