Just Another Thursday

Just Another Thursday

I did FINALLY call my doctor to get me set up on the hormone replacement therapy. I go tomorrow and frankly, I can’t wait. I thought I had hot flashes last year! Pshaw! They weren’t nuthin’ compared to the last couple of days. It’s like someone is messing with my internal thermostat. First I am chilled, and I put on a sweatshirt, then two minutes later I am literally sweating, so I take it off… then it starts all over again. The weird thing is that it’s mostly at night and in the morning. Poor Downtown Dad, he loves to cuddle, but it only lasts about 15 seconds before I’m throwing the covers off. I’m really hoping this can be fixed!

I also joined an online writing class. I always feel bouyed by their feedback – the imaginary people who populate my online world are always so nice. Jeez, there have to be at least 40 people in this class. I started out commenting on each of their introductions, but a person can only be just so friendly and after a while I had to stop. In other online classes the attrition rate is pretty high, so maybe a few will fall by the wayside.

The kids have had the week off, and while the house started out clean on Monday, we are just about at full on pig stye and it’s only Thursday. The good thing is that they are getting along, so I really hate to nag. It’s really been nice for me to have this time to write. You’d think with all this time I’d be able to come up with something entertaining, but nope. Maybe tomorrow.

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