Just thought you should know….

Just thought you should know….

I have just had the very unfortunate experience of tasting Shakers’ Rose Vodka. I’m not sure why that was even a “keeper” in their brainstorming session, but let me just tell you, if you can’t already figure it out, PHYYUUUYKKK!

Their propaganda says different: “It is the most romantic vodka around, SHAKERS Rose, winner of the Best in Show award for flavored vodka at the 2004 World Spirits Competition and one of The Spirit Journal’s top 50 spirits in the world.” Yeah right.

First of all, it reminds me of old wrinkley powdered ladies with gloves and cracked tea cups. Not something that would necessarily sell drinking vodka, or tea for that matter. It has that overly perfumey roselike scent, (remember Liddle Kiddles from the 70s?) which in itself is unnerving coming from a martini glass. I’m not sure about the general population but I’ve never actually eaten a rose, consequently I can’t objectively comment on the taste being rose-like or un-rose-like. What I can say is that you should never ever try this Vodka, no matter how pretty it looks.

I’m switchin’ to Whiskey!

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