Manifesting Reinvention

Manifesting Reinvention

Last year at this time I was in California, putting the finishing touches on what would turn out to be the winning float at the Rose Parade. That adventure was the culmination of a year long plan that began with 2013’s resolution, and it was a dream come true.

This year, I’ve got one semester behind me in pursuit of achieving my college degree – which is the manifestation of 2014’s resolution.

So, contrary to my post yesterday – I do have a pretty good track record of manifesting my resolutions. The thing is, the one I want to do, – need to do this year, is going to take more effort, more resolve, and more support from others than any of my previous goals.

In order to keep manifesting my reinvention, in order to stay healthy, and as youthful and vibrant as my dreams, I need to lose 52 pounds.

In doing my research, it appears that the best rate at which to lose weight is about a pound a week.

Wait, …There are 52 weeks in a year… Coincidence? I think not!

So here’s the plan:

  • I will gently cleanse, detox, and reduce my intake of calories for the first 3 weeks to a month with a brown rice (Kitchari) tea diet for lunch and dinner.

  • I will have oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast

  • I will not drink coffee

  • I will not drink alcohol

  • I will drink 16 cups of water per day

  • I will work up to increasing my caloric burn by walking 10,000 steps every day

  • I will do a 30 second plank every day

  • (Food intake and variety will be modified once a month, adding vegetables, then fish, then meat)

  • (Exercise level will be modified one a month adding weights, and yoga)

  • (OK – alcohol intake goal will be modified once a month… and coffee too)

In addition to announcing my plan, I’m also wanting to share my goals on a larger scale. I have contacted the Huffington Post Post/50 publication in answer to their search for 15 women age 50 and older who plan to make a radical change in 2015. Their aim is to inspire readers, reminding them it’s never too late to change their lives, pursue their dreams. They will feature the chosen 15 on Huff Post 50 throughout the year, telling their stories, cheering them on and offering support.

It occurred to me that my change really isn’t that radical, so even if I wasn’t chosen as one of the 15, I would still really like to continue to write about my year-long journey. I also thought that others might find this interesting.

Turns out, so did the editor of our local newspaper, and I may have the chance to write a regular feature about working toward not only my goal, but about reminding readers its not too late to change your life and pursue your dreams.

If this comes together, there will be an opportunity for readers to join in with comments, challenges, questions and suggestions. Also, I very much need your help to keep this going!

Please stay tuned, to find out what happens next!



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