Mind over …Never Mind

Mind over …Never Mind

ParrotinGlassI’m really not very good at self discipline.

Oh I start out strong in the morning, and then, at the corner of You Deserve A Break Today, and Its 5:00 Somewhere, I get distracted.  You kinda see where this is going don’t you?

I’ve been all gung-ho on this Beauty Detox System that Downtown Dad and I have been on.  He’s a textbook example of 1) all-men-have-to-do-is-stop-eating-Fritos-and-they-lose-30-pounds; and 2) Self Discipline. I, on the other hand, exhibit all the traits of a post-menopausal woman which are best summed up in four words:  Cocktails Can Fix That.

So on a typical day we both start out strong.

We have our hot lemon water in the morning instead of coffee as we get ready for work.

I make our delicious Glowing Green Smoothies and we pack them along to eat at work.

By lunchtime, I’m still on the wagon, looking forward to my avocado and fermented cabbage salad which I have packed along with me so I am not tempted by the lure of Jimmy Johns, or Taco Bell.  Downtown Dad, gadfly, and man-about-town that he is, always has lunch out. Whether he’s at a meeting or with a client, he unwaveringly orders a salad and water, or eats only the vegetables at those hotel-banquet-buffets.

Around three in the afternoon or so is where our paths diverge.  He pulls out an apple, or our fruit and nut energy bars and is happy til dinner.  While I am eating spoonfulls of almond butter, and grudingly gnawing on an apple, dreaming of cheese smothered Enchiritos, and tortilla chips.

By five o’clock, those dreams have turned into devils on both shoulders, cleverly disguised as pizza and a tall rum and coke. Downtown Dad, however is home happily grilling some salmon and steaming some asparagus.  He’s satisfied with just that and a tall glass of water for dinner, but by this time, I’m so worn out from fighting the cravings, that I feel perfectly justified – no obligated – to add a glass of wine (or two…) with mine.

And if we go out with other people, he takes the high road, stopping at one beer, while I stay true to my lifelong tradition of trying to drink everyone else under the table.

Don’t get me wrong, this system works.  In two months, he’s lost somewhere around 20 pounds and like three pant sizes. And just because I’ve plateaued, doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled to have lost a solid 10 pounds. At least I know if I put my mind to it I could lose more.  My mind however, has a mind of its own.

This weekend will be epic because we are going to The Lakes to a Jimmy Buffet themed fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity, called Boats and Bars.  As you can imagine, there will be lots of steel drum music, and lots of rum, so my resolve will be sorely tested.  I can do it though!  It’s all mind over matter right?

Phfffftbt!  Who am I kidding?  Oh well, there’s always Monday….

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  • Posted August 24, 2013 3:30 pm 0Likes
    by Karen (formerly kcinnova)

    I think I am you in disguise.
    Don’t beat yourself down — you are perfectly normal.
    Also, my husband is the already-thin version of your husband. I know how hard it is to live with someone like that while you are dieting.

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