More Who Am I?

More Who Am I?

OK, going with this theme, I thought I’d also do something that is really scary to me, a picture log of my progress on this eating plan full of promise for a healthier, younger looking me.

Yesterday I weighed 165, looked like hell, and felt very tired at the end of the day. Sleepy tired, with a headache, but not muscle fatigue tired, plus my back didn’t really hurt all that much. I stuck to the diet to the letter. Eggs with spinach and fruit, all the vitamins, green tea and water for breakfast. A tomatoey stew with veggies and chicken and cashew butter with a salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice for lunch, along with the vitamins, green tea and more water. A snack around 3 of celery sticks and guacamole made with edamame, more tea, more water. Dinner was wild caught salmon (canned) with steamed asparagus with olive oil lemon juice and dill drizzled over the top with yes, more green tea and more water and some more vitamins. I skipped the evening snack because I was so tired I went to bed at 8:30.

For a long time I haven’t slept through the night due to breathing problems, (snoring) and back pain. Last night, I only woke up once or twice and my back didn’t really hurt enough to have to get up and walk around like I usually do. Plus my mouth wasn’t really dry so maybe I wasn’t snoring.

OK, today, I feel pretty good, I took another picture… I thought I looked better today when I looked in the mirror, but – the camera doesn’t lie. Maybe I’m just a lousy photographer… yeah thats it! Anyway here it is, and I can only hope there is some progress tomorrow….


  • Posted November 6, 2005 8:57 pm 0Likes
    by cmhl

    found your site through ellen's blogroll.. this is TOTALLY none of my business– but in your post you said something about snoring, not sleeping well, etc. do you think it could be sleep apnea? I ask, b/c my dh has sleep apnea, and it totally changed his entire life and energy level when he got the cpap.just ignore me if I am totally off base. hah!

  • Posted November 19, 2005 6:53 pm 0Likes
    by Anonymous

    ok, so what's a "dh" and he got the "cpcp"? I know what "b/c" is but what the crap is cpap?ks

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