My New Bionic Knee – Post Op Update

My New Bionic Knee – Post Op Update

It’s June 1st and I’ve been home recuperating from knee surgery for exactly one month now. Here’s some before, and after pictures…

Right Before Surgery
Day After Surgery


“So what have you been up to?” You might ask.

“Well, I’ve watched every movie and series on Netflix, Hulu, Starz, and Cable TV, and I’m getting mighty sick of it!” I might answer…


“Mostly napping and healing, healing and napping.” I might also answer.


“I guess it all boils down to learning. Yep, learning. That’s what I’ve been doing.”

Besides re-learning to walk, and sit and lay down, the first thing I learned is that its really hard to think when you’re on pain medication every four hours. And I’m not talking about entertaining, drug addled, jibber jabber either. Just plain ol’ hard to think. (Future post coming about conceptions and mis-conceptions about “fun” drugs)

That is why I haven’t written. No one wants to read boring day to day status updates – you can go to Facebook for that! (Future posts coming with some of the more specific and interesting details.)

But yesterday, I went all night and most of the day without the pain meds, (Oxycodone). Mostly because I wanted to be narcotic free so I could finally drive after 30 days. But I also wanted to see exactly how much it actually really hurt. You see, pain and I have an interesting relationship. Apparently I have a high threshold for it, so on a scale from 1 to 10, a 2 for me might be someone else’s 7. (Future post coming on communicating pain to your healthcare professional…)

So, yesterday morning, I took some aspirin, and I was doing great – that is until 4pm when I went to my twice weekly torture physical therapy session. 

All kidding aside, these therapy sessions usually leave me feeling good, which was definitely NOT the case for this one, and probably the reason that my therapist looked askance at me when I told her I was med-free. She told me that while I’m doing remarkably well (compared to others she’s worked with who at 30-days are still using a cane) I shouldn’t push it. I understood what she meant when I got home… I could barely lift my leg over the front door threshold! And I’m still in recuperation mode today! (Just aspirin for the pain though. OK, aspirin and a little wine!)

Anyway, now that I have longer periods of lucidness, I’ll start posting more regularly.  

Right this minute though, I’m off to start assembling my new Schwinn recumbent stationary bike! Even though I’ve lost a few pounds, probably due to not eating office snacks, and going to happy-hour every day, I have been pretty sedentary, so that ends today!


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