Today I really felt connected again. Which tells me this whole thing is hormone related.

No word from my doctor today, which means that I will have to call her tomorrow to beg once more for the hormone laden anything I wanted at my visit two days ago…. OK, I’ll calm down, but crap, lets get this done for crap’s sake!

I had my usual list of things to do today, but contrary to how I was effected before by calls coming in that threw assunder my well laid plans, this time I was bouyed emotionally by contact with other people. Yeah, I had to practically drag myself out of the house for the 9:00 meeting at a local coffee shop, but it turned out to be non-combative, so I felt good after it was over. I managed to stop by Downtown Dad’s office later and then finished up some paperwork at my own office before scampering for shelter at home.

I was only at home for a little while when I started getting return calls on the messages I had left earlier. These messages always make me feel better since I can then schedule things and add items to my “to do” list on my own time.

We had not one but two calls from people interested in our house today. I did not mention the contingent offer on the table, that I will save for a face to face meeting. I also managed to move a closing date, and make contact with another client who wants to store some belongings at a vacant house before closing.

Another call I got today was from a couple who are friends of mine but who are and have been very reluctant to pay the non-negotiable 7% marketing fee that we charge. They have tried to sell their home and the home of their parents – unrepresented. They have tried a cut rate realtor who in effect stuck a sign in the yard and walked away. And now, after two years of showing them houses, and offering them market analyses, and hanging out (because remember – we’re friends…) The wife called me this afternoon and asked if there was any way we could negotiate on the heretofore stated unnegotiable marketing fee. …I will do a market analysis of the two homes they want to sell, and I will present my marketing presentation to them – again – tomorrow. And, again, I will present to them the “you get what you pay for” schpeil.

So, that is my day – aside from the fact that I signed up for Google’s Ad Sense program in hopes that I will make some money from this blog experiment, so if you feel inclined, click on one or two of the ads you see displayed here. Thanks. It means a lot to me.

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