On Life In General…

On Life In General…

So, in the “on-again, off-again” relationship of Beez, they are now off-again. This is the biggest news, since I went and told the whole Internet about my secret desire to be a grandmother and now, here I sit, grandkid-less. Ok, so life is no different now than it was when they were on-again, so really there’s nothing to change, except my plan to buy a cast iron skillet. Only grandmas have really good seasoned cast iron skillets. Maybe I didn’t want to be a grandmas so much as I wanted that dang skillet…

My professional life in Relocation World is ramping up. I’m really busy, and the day literally flies by. I’m organizing, and categorizing and streamlining – something I absolutely LOVE doing, but I’m also beginning to understand the terms “old dog” and “new tricks.” It is as if my broker wanted me to perform brain surgery, or build a rocket from scratch – I would feel just about as clueless. But slowly – (and probably not really because of my advanced age) I’m catching on, and I also get the added benefit of making new friends and new enemies. The friends thing is OK, and as for the enemies, I’ve heard that if you don’t piss someone off, you aren’t working hard enough!

As Theatre Mom I’m still struggling with my mistrust of the HS drama director. First for casting one kid from my family and not the other. Secondly because this director, for what she lacks in team building skills, she makes up in dividing-people-into-exclusive-caste-system-levels-skills. No matter how hard we try within our family unit to communicate and treat each other fairly, this production has introduced a stress level that we are having a hard time dealing with. Thirdly, the High School production’s fund raising efforts are going to have an effect on my fund raising efforts for Gooseberry Park Players. I’m not sure I am fully behind the production they are taking to Scotland, I know I am not fully behind the casting process, and their production policies (which I hate) are diametrically opposed to Gooseberry’s policies (which I love). Stay tuned… for the drama I have alluded to…

My van is a mess. My checkbook is a mess. My laundry and ironing is not done, nor will it be done in the next week or so. These signs, I have come to know, indicate that my psyche is a mess. I need to just concentrate on one area and clean it up, then move on to another… slow and steady. In the past, I have seen that literally if I physically clean up the areas of my life that are are sufferring from deferred maintenance, the other areas that seem to be crowding in, clamboring for attention, seem to magically line themselves up and appear less threatening.

Tomorrow is my company’s annual costume party. Three years ago at this party, I tried to move my van from the parking lot that was closing to another parking lot around the block, having to cross an angular railroad track in the process. The wheels of my van got stuck in the tracks. A train was coming. I had been drinking. Long story short, I was arrested for drunk driving along with my broker who tried to help me disengage my van. That year I was a beatnik/hippie, with blue eye shadow and a long brown wig. They made me take off the wig, but the blue eye shadow is still intact in the mug shot.


  • Posted October 20, 2007 2:48 pm 0Likes
    by BipolarLawyerCook

    It's been a long time since I acted "officially," although presenting a trial is a lot of acting too. I think one of the reasons I quit was because too many drama people and drama directors like to create, well, drama. Phooey on them.

  • Posted October 22, 2007 6:13 pm 0Likes
    by melisa

    Funny you talk about wanting to be a grandma and I just posted about wanting to be a ma. And I hope no arrests followed your company's party this year!!

  • Posted October 27, 2007 8:19 pm 0Likes
    by standingstill

    If it weren't so tragic in as much as you now have a police record, this may be my all time favorite Halloween story. All mine simply involve just drinking and costumes. Yours combines drinking, costumes, and men carrying guns wearing uniforms. And, I wonder, a ride in a squad car? Wow.

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