Photographs and Memories

Photographs and Memories

Call me sentimental, but one thing I love to do is look at old photos.  Old being the operative word here.  Old to me can be 50 or more years ago, or just a couple of weeks ago.  The point being I just enjoy that moment (however awkward or adorable) that was captured in time. 

One thing that had been nagging at me since I’d come home from California and the media storm that covered the opening of our elementary school’s time capsule, was that I wanted to somehow gather and save all of the pictures and video that were taken that day.  

I finally created a Facebook page that did just that.  I’m hoping that this will serve as a digital representation of what the old scrap books of days gone by used to be. I hope that the others that were there, and some who couldn’t be there can look at the pictures, and share their thoughts. 

Ah, the magic of the Internet!

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  • Posted September 6, 2011 11:47 am 0Likes
    by Aunt Snow

    You mentioned at Derfwad Manor that you were wondering whether to post about a certain topic – whether you decide to or not, please don't worry about the actual procedure. And if you want, I've written about it – and othere aspects of the subject – on my blog, and the feedback I've gotten has been positive.I have a post up today that's about yet another adventure in my digestive tract!

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