Reclaiming My Health

Reclaiming My Health

All this summer, barriers to Downtown Dad and I reclaiming our health and living our best life as empty nesters have been falling away. Some easily toppled, some took a little effort.

  • Knee replacement surgery – Done.
    • Physical Therapy – Done!
    • Ability to walk and move – Restored!
  • Jarrod, our youngest, and last to leave the nest made the jump to law school this summer. We moved him into his apartment across the street from the University of Iowa campus two weeks ago.
  • The new hospital finally opened, freeing up much of Downtown Dad’s time and more importantly his mind! He is also back on the Profile plan and is steadily dropping weight.
  • Our old dog Chako finally deteriorated to the point we had to let him go. We had him put to sleep just before my knee surgery in May.
  • Both Jarrod and Kelsie (and me) are back in school, which effectively stops the need for parental loan payments, giving us a much needed “raise.”
  • After three months of being effectively unemployed, I took a new job working for a Chiropractor who practices functional medicine. I get paid pretty well – and steadily – unlike my recent jobs in startup world, AND we don’t work on Fridays, giving me a four-day work week! Another much needed raise for our income! AND, if that wasn’t enough, part of this doctor’s practice is a six month wellness program called Reclaim Your Health, that he’s encouraged me to join. This program focuses on gentle detoxing, healthy, organic eating, physician grade nutraceuticals and supplements, and weight training. I really believe I can finally attack those 60 pounds I’ve been trying to lose, as well as work on achieving those Michelle Obama arms I’ve been wanting!

So, with no other living beings in the house besides Downtown Dad and me, we don’t spend nearly as much time picking up, cleaning up, and putting away. We decided that we would give the house a gentle thorough detox as well! We’ve started to clean out drawers, closets and cupboards, the basement, and the garage, getting rid of things we don’t use, don’t need, don’t want!

I am scheduled to start the Reclaim Your Health program on Monday of this coming week. I’ll get blood tests to show which of my hormones is out of whack, and then start the eight-week detox (with no alcohol for a large part of that). My plan is to keep a daily weekly log of my progress here, complete with pictures.

Ugh…. here goes!!!










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