Show’s Over

Show’s Over

Well, tonight was the final show of Moorhead High School’s “High School Musical.” It really was a great show. We had two cameras video taping the last two shows and those tapes will be edited into the master “file” video. That’s the one that the kids are supposed to watch and critique then give back to the Director… but if some copies get made, and kept, well none’s the wiser! We had a little extra drama today since the boy who played Troy Bolton, the lead, started loosing his voice. It was starting to crack at the end of the matinee, and by the end of tonight’s show he sounded like Bobby Brady when he hit puberty! The girl that played the female lead, Gabriella, stepped in and sang with him, covering up the notes he couldn’t hit tonight. It seems a little romance has cropped up over the run of the show and by this time they aren’t just playing boyfriend and girlfriend – they are living the part – making her heroic vocal rescue tonight all the more poignant.

I’m just amazed at the parents that pitch in to help and actually run everything that goes on besides the show! We do have a pretty sophisticated parent group though, since we are running year long fundraisers to defray the costs for our trip to the Scotland Fringe Festival next summer. Yeah, there are some “theatre moms” in the mix that raise my hackles every now and then, but there are also some very cool parents there too that even things out – rolling their eyes right along with me, or smiling and nodding when I know they’d really like to smack some of these people upside the head, V8 style.

Poor Bear is feeling the let-down that is so common at the end of a show. It’s tougher for him this time because some of the parts have to be recast since some of the cast aren’t going to Scotland. He loved playing a yell leader, and is feeling a little trepidation at relearning a new part. Ah, but such is life in the theatre!

Well, once again, I’m posting at 11:30, scrambling to write something before the day is over. I love this NABLOPOMO thing for keeping me on task, but man does it kill creativity! I had this great inspiration this morning – once again – in the shower – about the fact that this show is a Disney show and I’ve always wanted to work for Disney, and the fact that I wear my show-tee-shirt that has the Disney logo on it makes me sort of a Disney representative, right? I had some connection between me being able to tolerate the “theatre-moms” because I was beholden to the Disney creed, and something or other… and thats where it all fell apart. Anyway, that’s blog fodder for another day….. Gnite!


  • Posted November 26, 2007 12:06 am 0Likes
    by Nora

    I have the greatest memories from my high school plays. Reading your post brings it all rushing back! There ain't nothing like it :-)

  • Posted November 26, 2007 12:09 am 0Likes
    by Grandy

    Oh…the "Stage Moms" can be so much fun!! Sounds like a good run all the way around though. Congratulations on a good one.

  • Posted November 26, 2007 12:35 am 0Likes
    by Mrs. G.

    Congratulations on what sounds like a smashing success. And is there anything sweeter than onstage romance bleeding over into real life? I think not.Yeah, the inspiration is running low.

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